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Janet Devlin – Better Now (Official Video)

December 15, 2020

I can’t even begin to explain to you why this video means so much to me but I’m going to try…! Horses symbolise so much more to me than just a hobby. They symbolise a freedom and joy of my youth that I don’t know if it’s quite possible to attain as an adult. When I’m around horses, I’m able to be with those feelings and remember the best times of my younger years. Those years before the world got tough and I could trust people with all my heart. When life was as difficult as getting all my homework done, and the worst thing I’d done was accidentally erase my brother’s memory on his Xbox. Before I got my heart broken, or ever lost a loved one. A time before the hardships of my teens.

I wanted to give “Better Now” its chance to shine; it’s my favourite track off the album, and when thinking about how best to portray the meaning and emotion of the song, horses weren’t far from my mind. They really capture the true power and grace of the song. For me, to make a music video in Ireland has always been a goal and so has doing a video with horses – so getting to do both at once was surreal, daunting but amazing. I was incredibly lucky that Katya was available and managed to convince Sir Franz and his horsemaster Alessandro to travel from Venice to Ireland! I had the best time filming it and what made the experience special was that it was set right back home where I grew up in Gortin. Every location was known to me, it was basically my back garden – my happy place. The fact I got to film with these beautiful creatures made it my absolute dream come true. The crew were hysterical, I seriously haven’t laughed so much in ages – everyone was so creative, passionate and accommodating. And even the temperamental Irish weather decided to take a turn for the better and we had glorious days in which to film. I would never have been able to make this video if it weren’t for all of my lovely Patrons and Do-Crew. Thank you so much for making this happen, I feel so blessed to have been able to do it and hope you enjoy the end result 💓

Director & Editor – Katya Ganfeld​
Director of Photography – Sir Franz Pagot AIC MBKS​
Horse master – Alessandro Monzillo
AC/Focus Puller – Mike Lockhart…​
Drone operator & BTS – Paul Kennedy @ Lifelike Media​
MUA – Duibhleamhná McGarrity​
Grading Company – Darren Mostyn @ Online Creative…​
Production / Runner – Cat McGibney
Equipment – Acorn Film & TV Ltd​
Horses – provided by Angelo & Andrew of Kane’s Carriages, Belfast (Halo, Willow, Prince, Mikey)

Shot entirely on location at Gortin Glen Forest Park & Castle Beltrim, Gortin, Northern Ireland

Special thanks go to Fermanagh and Omagh District Council, Jack Hanna, Eileen Kennedy Young and Lucinda & Dick Blakiston-Houston. Check out the wonderful work of​ 🐎
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