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Jen Fodor (feat. Nadia Vaeh) "Front Row" (Music Video)

June 10, 2021

About Jen Fodor
Once in a while, someone from behind the scenes takes center stage. That’s exactly what’s happened with the fabulous Jen Fodor. For the past ten years, this Michigan native has held nearly every job in the entertainment business, from working alongside directors like Spike Jonze to creating her own podcast and being a kick-ass filmmaker. Her latest film follows the extraordinary life of Howard Mordoh and how he got the name The Dancing Man of LA. If you’ve ever been to a show in LA, you most likely have seen the white-haired man as he spins and turns to the music. Her latest project, “Front Row,” featuring the incredible Nadia Vaeh, is dedicated to the legendary concert goer and every other music lover who’s missing live music.

About “Front Row”
“Front Row” is a groovy-sounding synth-pop anthem you can’t help but tap your feet to. The rhythm and beats of this song are so catchy we can’t imagine it not getting stuck in your head. It’s jam-packed with dreamy guitar riffs and cooling undertones from the bass and the growing synthesizers. Nadia’s gorgeous vocals glide over every note as the music continues to grow. The lyrics act as the perfect description of Howard and his unusual slice of fame. He’s a carefree man who just wants to have fun at his concerts, and that’s exactly how this song feels. It’s a reminder to all of us concertgoers to just let go and enjoy the music.

About the video
The video for “Front Row” is the most perfect visual for this addictive new single. The video starts with the man himself, Howard Mordoh, as he turns on his record player. As the record static starts to crack, the song comes alive. As soon as the music turns on, Howard starts doing his famous twirls and dance moves as he walks through a concert venue green room. Nadia and her bassist are sprawled out on their couches singing and strumming a guitar as they wait to go on. From there, it’s to the stage where Nadia gives a rocking live performance, featuring a solo by guitarist Britt Lightning from the ’80s band Vixen. It’s not long before Howard’s front row dancing, only this time he’s decked out in a sequined jacket. If you weren’t missing live shows before, you definitely will after watching this fantastic video.

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