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Joses "Don't Turn Off The Lights" (Music Video)

September 7, 2021

About Joses
The pandemic left many of us in a disconnected state fueled with feelings of loneliness. But one innovative way to bring people together was sparked by DJ Joses Martin, who utilized streaming platforms like Twitch to hold global dance parties from the comfort of our homes. Known for his hypnotic blend of genres from the 70s to 2000s, the mix master brings a new flavor to disco music. His passion for music has led him to create SWEAT, a monthly Nu-Disco party collective of international artists, that serves as a collaborative space for those who share his love for dance party music. Joses’ ability to transport listeners to a different time period, one of free-spirited fun, is what is truly captivating about him. His style is nostalgic and playful, constantly experimenting and pushing the boundaries between the old and new. He recently debuted his EP Watch Me with chart-topping tracks that highlight the expanding indie dance and house genre, with Joses at the forefront of it all.
About the video

In an explosive collaboration with Kathy Brown & TAZ, the DJ and producer elevate the “Don’t Turn Off The Lights” vocals with groovy bass strums and a bouncy beat reminiscent of the golden age of disco. The music video is out of the box and a treat for the eyes, with whimsical, dreamlike animations and a flashy color palette. Dr. Cool’s art is surreal and captivating to watch, featuring sequences of fun instrumentals, dancers busting moves on the floor, and a cartoon version of Joses mixing. The video effortlessly captures the essence of the 80s, while remaining relevant to the taste of today. The song is all about hitting up the club and partying through the night, enjoying good company and even better music. Kathy Brown’s rich vocals tied with TAZ’s infectious verses get your body and soul moving. “Don’t Turn Off The Lights” is a must-add to any party playlist, where the infectious chorus is sure to get you out of your seats.

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