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Kanti Chant "Take That Back" (Music Video)

September 12, 2021

About Kanti Chant
It’s one thing to be a music artist and another to be a true entertainer. Kanti Chant’s vibrant personality and bold presence give her that unique edge. From creating electrifying songs to wielding rods of fire as a performance dancer, the singer/songwriter is bringing the heat to the pop-punk music scene. She’s got vocals that slice through dark guitar shreds and gritty lyrics that connect to new and old alternative fans. In her latest single, “Take That Back,” Kanti Chant takes a dip into the metal side with instrumentals that you can feel in your core.

About the video

Donning an eye-catching bedazzled two-piece and red coat, Kanti Chant hits the New York Subway Station in her “Take That Back” video. The grungy backdrop fits perfectly with the song, as the artist describes leaving all the baggage of a toxic relationship. The messiness of the breakup is expressed through chaotic visuals of the subway and the artist overlapping, driving home the angsty theme. Make no mistake: Kanti Chant makes it clear in her lyrics that she is someone unforgettable, and she is no doubt worthy of that title. The artist leaves an impression with her nostalgic punk-fueled vocals and instrumentals.

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