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King Riley "Clout" (Music Video)

March 23, 2022 742 Views

About King Riley
As he came from a well-educated family, the pressure was high for King Riley to follow in the footsteps of his older siblings. But the budding artist had different plans, and he set off on a journey to forge his own destiny. A true poet at heart, he needed an outlet to express his inner thoughts on a larger scale. Inspired by the rich musical influences of Nigerian afro-beat, King Riley found himself enamored with the ability to connect with audiences across landscapes through sound. He began to frequent local recording studios, where he eventually picked up on mixing and mastering. King Riley began to fuse his talents of exceptional lyricism, chilled-out harmonies, and production to drop early projects that would set the stage for his creative vision. Now, he’s looking to make big waves in the music industry with his song “Clout” that brings culture and richness to the mainstream.

About the video
“Clout” taps into King Riley’s risque side as he steers through racy verses of lustful attraction. It’s a slow, beat-heavy track that’s tasteful and flirty. It highlights his versatility in the messages and themes he discusses through his music. The song ramps up with a feature from Salt, whose smokey voice contrasts King Rileys. The music video has the artists getting up close and personal with two beautiful models under the neon lights that will leave you wanting more.

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