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Luce Cannon – Cook Out

September 30, 2021

Los Angeles–This Fall, Rolling Sixties Gang Affiliate, Luce Cannon extends the summer as he serves street heat with “Cookout,” an old school-styled gangsta rap beat, dictating true street rules as he disses rapper Wack 100. The lyrics delivered on “Cookout” are raw and authentic, much like his World Star Hip Hop diss of Wack 100, which received over eight million views in five days. “I don’t sugarcoat anything,” said Luce. “I am the streets and just like the streets, I go hard consistently. If people don’t like the truth, they won’t like me, but if they respect the truth, they will love me.” Luce speaks respected truth on “Cookout,” because his mission was never to be a rapper. He stumbled on this new career when he decided to send messages through the music that he loved. Luce Cannon is a self-contained music machine. “I produce all of my own tracks,” he said, “so the result is exactly what I want it to be. I can sing or I can rap, but the point is that I’m a thinker and I want to make people think when they listen to my truth.” The first single, “Cookout” was crafted as a testament and tribute to true artistry, placing skills over tricky hooks and tracks. “I made that single in thirty minutes,” he said. “I had no pen or paper, and there was no smoke or drink in the studio. I may have had a red bull because I balance my energy. Everything I put out has to be good music.” Next up is the single “Ball Out,” featuring Drakeo The Ruler.

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