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Mishon ” The Truth”

June 19, 2016 3493 Views

Captivating audiences on stage and on camera, Mishon Ratcliff, simply known as “Mishon”, is a 23-year -old R&B singer-songwriter/actor currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia by way of Los Angeles, California. Effortlessly blending heartfelt lyrics that stem from real-life experience to the flow of hip-hop infused beats, Mishon gives listeners a first-person perspective into his world. He believes that the world revealed to him transitioning into manhood in the music industry, trials and tribulations and everyday battles that come in life.

No stranger to the spotlight, Mishon first found fame at the tender age of six, appearing on television shows such as Soul Train, The Mo’Nique Show, and America’s Most Talented Kids. It was during this time that his family started to take notice to his musical talent, leading to a recording contract with Dynasty Records that was newly started by his cousin, Demetrius ‘Doe Mac’ Henderson. However, it wasn’t until landing a starring role on the ABC Family hit series, Lincoln Heights, as Taylor Sutton that catapulted his career.

While simultaneously focusing on his acting and music career, Mishon was able to release Still Mishon under Dynasty Records in 2004, followed by Youngsters in 2005, and star in the film Frat Brothers with Romeo Miller. It was at the ripe age of 16 Mishon earned his first hit single “Just a Kiss,” with credits including Grammy-nominated production team, Da Internz, and four-time Grammy winner, Bruno Mars. Followed up by the infectious dance anthem “Turn it Up” featuring Roscoe Dash.

Driven, ambitious and armed with an arsenal of unreleased projects that showcases the Los Angeles native full range, vocal control and harmonies along with his considerable charm, Mishon continues to prove he is one of the most underrated male artists with a string of EP’s dropping and steadily increasing portfolio, collaborating with industry legends such as Jermaine Dupree, Usher, Brian Michael Cox, and King Pin to name a few.

Mishon is ready to give his fans what they were missing, and to show the world what they were sleeping on! No longer is he the sweet-faced teen, Mishon grew up and ready to share his truth in his new EP, #TheTruth. You can keep up with Mishon on Twitter & Instagram at @mishon.
Nino Villanova
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