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MISKIMON BROTHERS – My Baby’s Away (Official Video)

March 25, 2024


“My Baby’s Away by the Miskimon Brothers is more than just a single; it’s a proof to resilience, musical craftsmanship, and a renewed commitment to sharing their art with the world. As a preview of the upcoming album, this song reveals the brothers’ ability to infuse positivity and liveliness into their music, making it a highly recommended listen for anyone seeking a refreshing and engaging musical experience.The Miskimon Brothers, with their rich musical history, have crafted a release that resonates with both the heart and soul, promising a musical journey worth undertaking.”
– Lucy Cicioni, European Indie Music Network

My Baby’s Away is the first single release from the Shenandoah Sunrise Album. Video shot and edited by Jim Nelson & Nelco Video Enterprises, Bel Air, MD. Song Written by Timothy Allen Miskimon. – Copyright 2024 by Timothy Allen Miskimon.

The MISKIMON BROTHERS (pronounced Miss-Kim-In) hail from Dundalk, Maryland, USA.

Brothers Tim and Mark started writing songs as pre-teens. They formed their first band, BASEMENT FLOOR in the mid 1970’s. Over the next two decades they played thousands of live shows around the US East Coast. Eventually, they signed a few recording contracts during the 1980’s and 1990’s, both went bad due to publishing disputes.

It was at this time that Tim and Mark decided they should put together their own studio, so they could continue to write and record their music, with or without the support of a record label.

In 1991, after signing a second record deal they changed the band’s name to Empire. Another name change came in 2002 – Sons Of Riley.

Tim and Mark have released 4 self-produced albums over the past 20 years. “Basement Floor Greatest Hits”, “Driven By Rock” and “Leeches” under the name Empire, and one album titled “Sons Of Riley”. All 4 albums received substantial amounts of airplay and many great reviews in both the US and Europe.

During the COVID-19 lock-downs, Tim and Mark recorded and mixed over 50 songs. The first album, released on December 27, 2023, is a country flavored album titled, “SHENANDOAH SUNRISE”. The album is chock full of classic Country music, as well as some light rock and Americana. The first single from the album, “MY BABY’S AWAY” was released December 2023, and the accompanying music video on March 2,2024.

(Words & Music by Timothy Allen Miskimon)

Sitting here in darkness – No one wants to go
She was suppose to call me – but here I am alone
I’m sorry to say …… baby’s away

Now why is she like that – I treat her as good as I can
Why don’t she just come out – and say she’s got another man
or is it too much to say – it happens that way
(happens that way)

She makes me cry nightly – she makes me roam the floor
My spirit has been broken – I just can’t take no more
I’m sorry to say………. my baby’s away

I’m sorry to say………. my baby’s away

Now why don’t she treat me right – I try to call her every night
I treat her as good as I can – I do more than any man
I’m sorry to say……….my baby’s away

Away baby (away baby) away baby na na na na na na na
I’m sorry to say………my baby’s away – oh yeah!

Repeat with ad libs until fade…

“Prior to COVID-19, we just kept spinning our wheels, talking about finishing this music, but never finding the time to do it. The lockdowns were terrible, but the one good thing we got out of it was we were forced to re-evaluate our careers, our music, and our lives. There’s too much unheard music that we need to make available to the public. GOD willing, it will happen”. – Timothy Allen Miskimon

There are four additional albums that Tim and Mark are planning to release over the next 18 months. One of them is an easy listening album, and the others are in the rock and country vein. Subscribe and follow the Miskimon Brothers on social media, so you don’t miss a beat.

Pop/ Indie – Americana – Country
label: BFP Records
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ISRC: QZXVV2300002

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