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Nassi B – AWI (Official Music Video) Cameroon Drill

September 27, 2021 1340 Views

HIPHOPDrill from Cameroonian Born /Finnish Citizen Nassi B.
Awi music video Performed By Nassi B and crew featuring CAMFIN.
All scenes shot in Finland.
Song title-‘Awi’
Song writer: Chesah Gilbert Maih (Finland)
Recording Artist: Nassi B (Finland)
Mixed and mastered by: Dijaykarl (Camenroon)
Beats by: chrisrichBeats (UK)
Videographer: Jeremy. (Finland)
Directed By: Jeremy and Chesah Gilbert Maih



I do not care about whose on the top fame is a lie so leave me that talk
A comot for tere boy man nodi fear roll me channer den u pass me the bear combination bahd edi test like na pear the hustle go slow ago match up the fear leave me that talk ma first jaka na girl you munch you no munch oboy no man nocare
Double your grind then you pray for the year
when the money go came na de pipo go share wooh.
A carry ma load for the journey
Some People act like its funny
Man i need To get this money
Spit on the bit like i’m horny
Thats the Reason im too cocky
Ma Flow Don di sound like a cooky

Flow too tight a feel like a virgin doing slim course Abi na the course
Gimme ma share or a takam with force
Ma mendem wise the balling with thugs
You wanna race a Pull up with trucks flat on my head thats a truckfit
Hit up the gym thats To keep fit…
6 packs where we Come from
nortured with the culture
dip tribes bright futures
Lets talk about the culture…
Lets talk about the culture
forget about these voltures.
Vanity upon humanity
see ma People being toutured
I gard To raise up the bars
make it feel like adi noture.
People forgeting the past
The wan determine the futre
Tell me how this can be faire
All tin Don dark nothing nodi clear
A need that gwap gimme na ma share
Came for beareu na me be cahier.
When adi talk the People di hear
Cus a get backup no man di fear
Haleluya Haleluya hale
the halla man name when a enter for tere.
The halla ma name yeah
We taking this fame popopo
We taking it over.
The halla ma name chuchuchu
We taking this fame popopo

Gimme the gwap gimme the money gimme the paper
Gimme the paper gimme the paper


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