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Neon Dreams "Little Dance" (Music Video)

March 7, 2022 844 Views

About Neon Dreams
Canadian alt-pop duo Neon Dreams is the colorful, expressive synthesis of hype-maestro Adrian Morris and visionary-earth child Frank Kadillac. Each new song the energetic pair produces shines like the morning sun, full of punching riffs and rhythms, and wholehearted tones and themes. These two are the kind of guys you’d want to follow around the world–and that’s where they’ve gone. From humble beginnings in Halifax, Canada, the team has toured worldwide and found a second home in South Africa following the viral explosion of their song “Life Without Fantasies.” With 80 million streams, several Gold and Platinum singles, and top accolades, including the coveted Canadian JUNO award, this international party is booming – and it’s not too late to jump in and start dancing along.

About “Little Dance”
What a breath of fresh air! That’s how listeners worldwide feel about Neon Dream’s new single “Little Dance” – it’s also how frontman Frank Kadillac felt the moment after encountering a shark on a dive outside Cape Town, South Africa. When he broke the surface, heart pounding, the song’s ecstatic melody flowed into being. Then it was off to the studio, where counterpart Adrian Morris and collaborator Majozi laid down some jovial, fuzzy sun-flares of sound to match the reflective and celebratory statement. The polychromatic pulse of this tune’s sonic juice fuels an unexpected yet accessible spiritual reckoning, that – in the face of overwhelming experiences – all life ends up jubilant: in a tranquil little dance.

About the video
Co-directed by Dan Lewis, Kadillac crafts the song’s video companion by appropriately juxtaposing his internal revelation with external reverie. How else would you celebrate the fleeting and forever joy of life than exploring a new city with old friends? Each vibrant vignette of thrift stores, backyards, coastlines, and skateparks calls the viewer to take refuge in the loveliness of wherever the heck they are. All we’ve got is here and now, with whoever we want, and, oh, how wonderful it is!

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