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Project 213 "Personality For Miles" (Music Video)

February 16, 2022 800 Views

About Project213
Project213 displays an intentional authenticity in their music and Jared Hallock’s songwriting gently kisses the avant-garde with psychedelic lips. Producing music in the progressive Boise, Idaho music scene, his metaphysical approach to songwriting is coupled with a tongue-in-cheek outlook on life. Project213’s latest single, “Personality For Miles,” is another unconventional entry into a growing catalog of music that gently guides the listener, with a wink and nudge, toward absurdity.

About “Personality For Miles”
In the song’s first verse we are reminded that the eyes are the window to the soul. In the second verse, we discover a person’s insecurities through the eyes of Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi). The song continues on with the self-loathing types of comparisons we make when we are infatuated with somebody whom we feel is out of our league. Soon we discover that “personality for miles” is a measure of worthiness. This song is a celebration of insecurities. The deconstructed drum solo and the “lazy, kinda’ hazy” storytelling is a tip of the hat to the weirdos; to the people who let their personality shine for miles.

Project213 is excited to have “Personality For Miles” featured in the season 1 finale of Running on Love!

About the video
The video for “Personality for Miles” tells the age-old tale of jealousy. The kind of jealousy that happens on dance floors. The prom-style lighting, balloons, and punch bowl feel like they are straight out of Marty Mcfly’s basement. And yes, as expected, the mustached protagonist (April Matson) is going to have a dance battle. But will our dancing antagonist (Alexa Bowen) be wooed by another man (Scott Grady)?… Stay tuned!

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