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Reginiano – Time to Let Go (Official Music Video)

February 14, 2023

Israeli Musician Reginiano’s new single “Time to Let Go” expresses profound truths without saying a word, leaving much of the expression to the guitar and ney (flute). In an ever-changing world often chasing short-term validation, this music harkens back to a time when people looked to their musicians for healing and a reflection of the timeless. Serene and peaceful, the music video captures the uplifting essence of the song. The music video was shot at Apollonia National Park in Israel, near a beach and an old mosque surrounded by historical artifacts.

“Time to Let Go” by Reginiano, a captivating blend of guitar and ney that will transport you to the vast desert landscapes of the Middle East. The guitar’s warm, rich tones provide a solid foundation for the soaring melodies of the ney, a traditional Arabic flute. As the music builds, the two instruments interweave in a mesmerizing dance, evoking the golden hues of a desert sunrise.

Whether you’re a fan of instrumental music or simply looking for something new and unique, “Time to Let Go” is a must-listen. So sit back, relax, and let the music transport you to faraway lands.”

Both strikingly beautiful and artistically disarming, this composition is for deep thinkers everywhere. The message behind the song is to accept life and learn to let go when you find yourself swimming against the tides.

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