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RPxSB, Nomadic – Red Eye (Official Video)

March 30, 2023

San Francisco Rap Duo RPxSB (Roddy Picante and Stay-Bizzy aka Rock Plaid and Survive Bullshxt) have teamed up with producer Nomadic for the truly inspired collaborative album “Shaggy Carpets”, out March 10th on streaming platforms. Dedicated to the craft and at ease on the mic, RPxSB’s charisma is natural because it comes from real connection – Roddy Picante and Stay-Bizzy are childhood friends who have been through it all together. On “Shaggy Carpets” they’re kind enough to share some of the highlights over chilled beats and music. Throughout this release, both RPxSB and Nomadic showcase their ever-evolving skillsets, bringing ample soul, jazz and vintage hip hop inspiration to a timeless-sounding album.

“There’s definitely a vintage kind of sound and feel to Shaggy Carpets. While still true to RPxSB form with regards to content and subject nature, the production as a whole done in collaboration with good friend/colleague Nomadic is very neo soul grit. Coming at a time after the angst of CREATURES, it’s a surreal, at times, drug induced trip through current life and reality.

Personally, I’ve been in a creative slump lately. Not necessarily in the sense that I’m running into walls in production, but more so being discouraged by looking at the overall picture of everything. Our content continues to evolve for the better, however our accolades and opportunities aren’t progressing along with that. The plight of most artists I imagine Shaggy Carpets aims to break us out of that. And hopefully gain some fans along the way.”

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