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SunniLong feat. Stacccs “Keep Going” (Music Video)

February 16, 2022

About SunniLong
There’s a certain magic to putting in your earphones and disappearing into the lyrics that speak to who you are and your struggles. For SunniLong, hip-hop became that outlet to turn his struggles into his strengths to achieve his dream of providing a better life for those he loves. It’s no easy task breaking into an industry where everyone is fighting to be at the top, but SunniLong takes it as an opportunity to be a true student of the game. His cool-headed candor and natural talent in curating authentic lyricism layered over addicting beats is what makes him a tough act to follow. Through working on his latest project Enter The Dragon, SunniLong is on his journey to have fans echoing his name through every concert hall.

About the video
Like a scene ripped straight out of an action movie, SunniLong takes us on a joyride of a lifetime in the music video for “Keep Going.” The artist’s dynamic, free-flowing lyricism brings a sense of calm and collectedness in this adrenaline-inducing visual that follows SunniLong and rapper Stacccs on the run from authorities. From weaving between Toronto streets on a high-speed chase to ducking through shady alleyways, the pair will stop at nothing to escape, leading to intense and even some awkwardly comedic moments that break the tension. The song serves as the perfect getaway track for this high-stakes visual and is the second collaboration between SunniLong and Stacccs, where together they make a robust duo. When it feels like the two are finally in the clear, a chance to get a minute to breathe, the storyline takes a sharp twist that leaves you questioning everything. “Keep Going” embodies the message to push yourself to get to where you need to be, no matter what’s on the line.

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