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Uncommon Nasa "Brooklyn Soup" (Music Video)

November 8, 2021 957 Views

About Uncommon Nasa
For a sound unlike any other and a true hidden gem in the rap/hip-hop community, take a look at Uncommon Nasa’s unique artistry. Bringing poetry back tastefully and stylistically, Uncommon Nasa is all about finding wisdom through rebelling against the mainstream. His lyrics roll off his tongue, reverberating through the mic while he maintains his cool, humble composure. The rapper knows what he’s about and heads straight to the point with his message. Finding introspection and the complexities of human nature as his inspiration, Uncommon Nasa elevates the facets of life that truly matter, creating music that relates to audiences from all walks of life, encouraging inner reflection to drive success.

About the video

In the music video for “Brooklyn Soup,” the rapper revisits all the aspects of his life that have shaped who he is today. From cruising through the streets of Brooklyn to reconnecting with his parents, Uncommon Nasa takes a powerful look at how our environment leaves a permanent mark on us. Home is truly where your heart is, and for this artist, it’s New York City. This music video is a real trip through the concrete jungle and all the unique elements that make the city memorable. The jazz, hip-hop bumping beat blends with Uncommon Nasa’s sharp, calculated lyrics reminiscent of the Brooklyn legend of the past, Biggie Smalls. Take a listen to “Brooklyn Soup” and discover for yourself why Uncommon Nasa is a standout creative.

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