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Yung Wolf "Paper Planes" – Official Music Video

December 23, 2023

Bustin’ straight out of Atlanta, GA, determined to the best to ever do it, Yung Wolf has been establishing his name in the game through quality cuts professionally since 2022. As he dropped his groundbreaking tracks onto the net like “Active,” and lead-singles like “Cryin Laughin” & “BOX TRUCK” from his self-titled record throughout 2023, Yung Wolf has been building his empire & an unbreakable legacy from day one.

With the official release of his debut album in March this year, Yung Wolf’s undeniable uniqueness and gripping versatility revealed an artist that has a powerful connection to the craft unlike any other. Over the course of seventeen cuts that reveal his seamless & superior flow, cutting edge lyricism, and straight up next-level vibe, his very first record is complete confirmation that he’s the real future of music, 100%.

Starting his journey to the top on solid ground with bulletproof material that’s guaranteed to take him to number one direct – Yung Wolf is making an extraordinary impact already from sight to sound, with his record quickly making the rounds throughout the scene online, and his latest video for “Because Of Me” skyrocketing to a quarter-million hits within the first ten days of its release. Putting the industry on notice with skills that are second to none and tracks that are addictive AF – Yung Wolf is setting up shop to be the next big name in the Rap game and blaze a trail of his own through wild doses of authenticity.

Im back in that bag im back in that mode im back on that same shit, IG thot yeah they come by the ten it aint one I cant hit. Working that spot door coming off the hinge like it was a break in. Trap rolin . we aint sellin no break downs we selling whole O’s. I heard your za za got the look but it aint got the nose. Pockets Pregnant just like re re halftime at the super bowl. Brand new rolex oyster this shit ultra cold.

I blow a light fourtune on designer it’s in tha game big put me in, Benz go 210 rick roos push it to the limit, who decide war look like me with patches on my denim, who inspire more so authentic wit racks and plenty women, Bitch its yung hoe. Hit decline like everytime if money aint the convo. Cute lil thick shit with that wop I beat it like a bongo. Hop in rari scratch right off you know my bucks be jumbo. Say she hate my guts but always wanna fuck, that’s dumb hoe.

Brand new trap drumroll bail and block combo, lil bitch a 9 rondo got her creepin out the condo, so wet u need a poncho, fuck me good and keep her mouth closed, that lil nat I can vouch for, everyday im going in im outside bitch im outdoors, louis cross body I can damn near stuff a 80 in. lets go make a flick and screen play it on a 80 inch. You know what it cost some niggas fuck you and just put it in.

love it when I fuck her in that 580 mercedes benz. Everyday im drippin catch me stylin in the latest trend. Say its smoke but waving white flags they tryin make a mends. I just bout the G With the B to make a baby in. ridding round in that hop out with all these toys just like a baby pen. Niggas they gone hate , say what they say but they aint gone play with him. know the wolves stay with him, say da wolf done changed but whats the biggie yeen have faith in him, Shout out every nigga getting that paper in here Foreal.

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