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Awo Ayo "High on Life" – Official Music Video

December 23, 2023

Taorid Akinola, better known by his stage name, Awo Ayo, has come a long way, both physically and metaphorically. This up-and-coming artist has been rocking the musical scene of West Africa, the US, and the rest of the world with his innovative style, which he modestly dubs Afro-Dancehall. Juxtaposing a classic Afrobeat rhythm with dancehall vibes, Awo Ayo crafts a unique, and highly exciting new sound.

And as with many a great artist, his fresh approach to music is rooted largely in his complex and fascinating life experience. Originating from Nigeria, Awo Ayo realized he wanted to be a musician from a very early age. Yet it wasn’t until he moved to Liberia, following his father’s passing, that his dream began to take shape. A journey in more ways than one, the road to Liberia was slow and winding. Traveling by bus, the artist made several stops along the way, learning, discovering, and experiencing new cultures, people, and of course, vibes.

All of that is reflected in his music. In a world so heavily bent on negativity, Awo Ayo makes a daily effort to infuse his music and online presence with good vibes he picked up along the way. More than just a great set of tunes, his music is an active reminder of the value and power of human connection.

His upcoming single release, ‘High On Life’, blends several styles from across the world. In its creation, the artist worked with multiple producers, to get as colorful a sound as possible with the track set to be the lead single to his upcoming EP ‘Lagos 2 Monrovia’ set to drop in December 2023.

While the music bears traces of and nods to great names in the industry like Drake and Burna Boy, Awo Ayo’s style is ultimately his own, and therein lies its true power. The artist’s main focus is being his most authentic, most genuine self, with the main goal of the music being to reflect Awo Ayo’s own experiences, moving across the world and making music. There is something deeply relatable in this one human’s journey that will no doubt resonate with listeners across the world, from all sorts of backgrounds.

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