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“Corporation Business Man” by The NEW Bardots

November 9, 2022 614 Views

Video Concept : WAyne Olivieri/Nick Kuntz Jr.
Director: Wayne Olivieri
Camera/Green screen tech Richard Hall
Assistant Director :Richard Hall
Final Editting/Special effects: Nick kuntz Jr. Invisual Post inc.
Performance :
Guitar : Gar Francis
Bass: Dan Skye
Drums: Johnnie Rago
Keyboards John Croot Jr.
Vocals/Harmonica: Wayne Olivieri
Businessman:: Gary Olivieri AKA Bozak

Audio recorded At Sky Lab Studios Roosevelt N.J.
Recorded, engeneered and mixed by Dan Skye
Produced by Dan Skye, Gar Francis and Wayne Olivieri
Special thanks to Tim O and The DuCret School Of Art for supporting our artistic creativity…it is really appreciated!!!!
Thanks to Vicki Blasucci for all her work and dedication to the band.
Thank You to all our fans…we love you!!!
We want to say a special thank you to Richard Hall for his contribution to our creative undertakings…you make the world a nicer place to exist!!

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