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Foundry Town Survivors – "The Night Is Alive" (Official Video)

October 29, 2022

The Foundry Town Survivors aim to delight us with some Halloween magic from their latest release, “The Night Is Alive.” At a time when the “new classic rock” revival seems to really mean aping what has come before, the Survivors stand out by being the real deal, having been on this road for a long time. Combining, refining and never giving up, their latest single and video is a revelation. As songwriters, Mark Tomorsky and Tommy Johnsmiller excel in the art of short-story telling, but this is not one of their typical story songs. It’s more of a character sketch, if you will, of darkness and light and points in between. It’s a song that demands that you feel it as well as hear it…written to celebrate the sheer joy of that immersion. So sit back, relax, put on the headphones and turn up the volume.

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