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Just Another Dance In The City by The NEW Bardots

November 23, 2022

Just Another Dance In The City ……Bongo Boy Records

Written by Gar Francis ,Wayne Olivieri with Dan Skye, Johnnie Rago and John Croot Jr.

Video concept Nick Koontz Jr./Wayne Olivieri

Executive Producers Johnnie Rago/John Croot Jr./Wayne Olivieri
Audio /Video performances:
Guitar: Gar Francis
Bass: Dan Skye
Keyboard: John Croot Jr.
Drums: Johnny (JR) Rago
Vocals: Wayne Olivieri
Special Guest on Harmonica: Myke Scavone(Yardbirds)
Edited and special effects Enhancement/titles: Nichlas Kuntz..Invision Post Concepts.
Road Manager: Bozak (AKA Gary Olivieri)

Audio Recorded at Sky Lab Studios Roosevelt NJ
Recorded by Dan Sky
Produced/Mixed by Gar Francis/DanSkye/Wayne Olivieri

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