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Justina Valentine "Ya Damn Right" (Music Video)

January 24, 2021 982 Views

About Justina Valentine
When Justina Valentine wakes up in the morning, there’s a checklist of extremely dull things she has to take care of. First, she has to maintain her duties as a social media icon and entertain her 3.5 million followers; then, she tends to her media personality by filming for the MTV show Wild ‘N Out; lastly, she develops her music career by writing quick-witted bars and performing to the masses. Her freestyle is undefeated thanks to her cleverness and fast thinking. Her infectious personality adapts to settings like MTV’s TRL, How Far Is Tattoo Far, and Revenge Prank, and shines when she’s hosting reunions for The Challenge, Jersey Shore, & Ex on the Beach. She’s given listeners what they want to hear with “Damn” and “Don’t Save Her (feat. PNB Rock),” but today we get to hear a true Justina anthem, “Ya Damn Right.”

About the video
There’s no need for social distancing in Valentine’s new music video, “Ya Damn Right,” because it features her majesty and many replicas of her. She performs in front of a green screen that features a background of herself. Selfish? Nah. When you look and act like that, you deserve to be the main focus at every angle on the screen. She looks at the camera with an air of self-fulfillment; as she stated, she doesn’t need a sugar daddy to get bucks or strangers’ approval to feel good about herself. The trap beat echoes and emphasizes the rapper’s clever bars. No matter what color the backdrop flashes, Justina’s fiery red hair claims to be the boldest hue. You might see her in the frame of the TV or pixelated in digital squares, but once you hear her voice, you’re damn right that’s Justina Valentine.

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