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Neff Nuffsed "Different Type of Respect" (Music Video)

September 15, 2021

About Neff Nuffsed
In an overly saturated rap industry, it’s hard to come by artists who stand out from the crowd and bring meaningful music to the forefront. Neff Nuffsed has been curating his sound since the early 2000s and has broken through the static noise. His unique artistry has been admired by some of the biggest rappers today, like Lil Durk and DaBaby, who he had the honor to open for. One of his big breaks came this year when his song “Stranger Things” made it on BET Jams. Opportunities like this still have left Neff Nuffsed with a humble heart, constantly striving to become bigger and better. Hungry to make a name for himself, Neff Nuffsed makes sure there is nothing left to be said.

About the video

In “Different Type of Respect,” Neff Nuffsed blends a smooth-flowing R&B track with raw, hard-hitting lyrics that speak to the struggle of chasing your dreams. The music video is set poolside, with the rapper kicking back with his crew enjoying cigars and expensive drinks. The lyrics preach how everybody wants the easy way out to success but that you need to be truly willing to work to make it to the top. That major difference between the two will speak for itself when the time comes. While others are busy chasing temporary fame, the rapper is looking to build a legacy. The video closes out with heartwarming pictures of his two grandmothers, both of whom have since passed away: one seeing the rapper on television for the first time, and the other doing what she loves, baking. Set in Neff Nuffsed‘s home, it’s a reminder to all that if you work hard, plan correctly, and stay focused in life, you can be truly successful at the things that matter most. It’s a beautiful look into how hard Neff Nuffsed has been working to make his dreams into a reality. If you need a motivational track to stay focused on your goals, “Different Type of Respect” is the hit to put you back on your journey to achieving greatness.

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