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Slammin’ Gladys "Dragon Eye Girl" (Music Video)

December 29, 2020

About Slammin’ Gladys
It’s not hard to pin a genre on a band like Slammin’ Gladys; it’s impossible. They grew up on the radio – early rock and life-changing Motown, and boy did they take notes. They draw from the best of popular music – the rocking-est, the moving-est, the catchiest. They landed a respectable hit and a deal with Priority Records in ’92 with “Down On Your Knees,” a hard-hitting ballad. Chemistry is chemistry, and it’s in short supply, so the foursome – vocalist/guitarist David Brooks, guitarist J.J. Farris, bassist Al Collins, and drummer Stephen DeBoard – reunited.

They took their sweet time doing it, but if they needed a break that long to make a track this killer, no one’s complaining. “Dragon Eye Girl” is the first single off their new full-length, and there’s just no other word for it: it slams.

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