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Eddie Cohn "Eddie Cohn " (Music Video)

December 29, 2020

About Eddie Cohn
Sometimes a voice is more than just a voice; it’s a fire inside that demands release no matter what art form, no matter what it takes. LA’s Eddie Cohn has that kind of voice, and it’s led him down countless fascinating paths in what has become a full life. But no matter how he’s saying it, he’s always seeking one thing through his music, podcast, yoga classes, and upcoming novel: human connection. Connection and curiosity drive him to create and do his part to get us out of our heads, off of our phones, and back into growing with, learning from, and maybe even dancing with each other. For Eddie, music’s taken the front seat, after decades of making records, DJing, then moving into other mediums. The current state of the world – chaos and impermanence – brought him back to his first love because, as he recently told LA Voyager, “Music has the power to heal and dramatically shift the energy in a room and it’s always been there for me. A good song can stay with you forever.” “Freedom” is Cohn’s first single in a few years, and it lays down an uplifting groove while asking some pretty big questions.

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