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Star 2 "Missin U" (Music Video)

July 24, 2021

About Star 2
Hit after hit, Star 2 keeps endowing the world with his incredible music. The last time we saw Star 2, he was in a high-speed, animated video, “Tell Me Thatchu,” a desperate but show-stopping love song. If there’s anything we know about this artist, it’s that he doesn’t slow down, and he’s constantly pushing the creative envelope. Before his rise to stardom, Star 2 had already been on an emotional and perilous life journey. He was born in a Thai refugee camp and by great fortune was able to come out to America at age five with his grandmother and her four young children. He’s faced challenges no one should have to face, and he’s never shied away from that time in his life. If anything, it helped him become the artist he is today and helped him become the Asian role model he always wanted to be. He’s not one to back down from a fight, and he’s not afraid to show it.

About “Missin U”
Star 2 is a beast at everything he does, but if there’s something he’s the best at, it’s telling a story. He’s done that with every past single, and he’s doing it again in his newest release, “Missin U,” the second half to his “If U Want 2” video with Tik Tok dancer Sharia True. “Missin U” shows a different side to Star 2’s multidimensional sound. Packed with smooth vocals and amazing beats, “Missin U” is a mellow track that gets music listeners hooked. The trap drums keep the sharp beats in place while the backing music plays out in powerful waves. The lyrics tell the story of a breakup to the sky-high and tender relationship he started in “If U Want 2.” He is singing his heart out for a girl who betrayed him under his nose and doesn’t seem to be listening or feeling his shattered heart when he discovers what happened– it is so powerful, you can’t help but feel it too. It is a raw and emotional story, one that only Star 2 can tell.

About the video
At first glance, the “Missin U” video almost doesn’t fit the song’s somber, “I’ve got the blues” feeling, but that soon changes. The video starts on a crowded boardwalk full of people and carnival rides. It’s all happy until someone catches Star 2’s eyes. We watch as a girl walks into frame, sharing cotton candy with another boy – one who looks kind of like our main guy. A high-pitched audio effect snaps the video back to the past, where we see the “If U Want 2” relationship unravel. We watch as the places this girl used to fill become vacant, and she catches feelings for another guy while Star2 records a song for her in the control booth. In between the cinematic pieces, we see Star 2 standing in front of the car where they started their romance and parked at Lover’s Lane. Multi-colored backdrops, glowing floor lamps, and blue water visuals help convey his pain. The only way to know what happens is to watch till the very end.

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