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Sin For Saints "Death Eater" (Music Video)

October 19, 2021 1122 Views

About Sin For Saints
At the start of his music career, Christian Cantello lurked in the shadows as a bassist for various bands, singing someone else’s songs and barely having any say in the creative vision. Little did he know, he had the power of raging versatile vocals that could set the stage ablaze. After a few words of encouragement from family and friends, he took the chance to start up Sin For Saints, this time taking center stage with the microphone gripping his hand. With a bold new dream, Cantello combined rock with screamo and hints of early 2000s emo/pop-punk to establish the kinetic, electrifying band for what it is today. Sin For Saints is hard-edged and unapologetic, guaranteed to have you craving more.

About the video

A mysterious woman with fiery red hair lurks through the corridors of an abandoned building, slowly collecting the lives and souls of each Sin For Saints bandmate. When she lures you in with her sultry movements or piercing stares, she sinks her claws into you and has you entranced. A poisoned drink, a stab to the chest, or a bite in the neck, she will always get her way. “Death Eater” is about a toxic love affair with the type of girl to prey on your weaknesses, and when you least expect it, have her words rip your heart out. But Cantello can see right through the manipulation and belts out into a thundering bridge in the last minute of the song. The heart-pumping drums and adrenaline-fueled guitar plucks bring intensity as he wishes the woman a final goodbye, shutting the book on the constant back and forth manipulation. The band unites to set the death eater on fire, bringing an end to her corruption of souls.

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