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TheDropout Spectrum “Take Off” (Music Video)

December 16, 2021

About TheDropout Spectrum
Music can inspire, heal, and connect people from all walks of life. For Brice Danvide, aka TheDropout Spectrum, it saved his life. Through reconnecting with his higher purpose, the artist set out to create music to uplift those going through challenging times. If there’s one word to describe TheDropout Spectrum’s artistry, it’s versatility. Take one listen to his first EP, ZenStellar, and you’ll find a diverse range of instrumentals, flows, and beats that make each song its own otherworldly experience. A lot of that expansive range comes from the artist’s unique background of growing up in West Africa and relocating to Texas, where he was exposed to a variety of different artists and genres. Now, TheDropout Spectrum is here to celebrate diversity, in both thought and sound, to connect with audiences on a global scale.

About the video
Step into a neon haze of colors in TheDropout Spectrum’s music video “Take Off.” This song is unlike any other track the artist has put out so far and is a clear representation of his ability to experiment with new sounds. TheDropout Spectrum’s smokey, deep bars mesh with the bouncy trap beat. His fast-talking flows hit hard and fast but make no mistake, he has thought and intention in every lyric he spits. The video is a real trip, with slick editing and visuals that are artfully directed. We get to see the artist’s on-screen presence as he performs directly to the camera from vibrant sets that look straight out of a pop art comic. The song itself is high-energy and packs a punch. Whether you’re hitting the grind at the gym or getting the party started, “Take Off” will set the right vibe.

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